Overview / GFT Testing Center Cologne

Electric Dyno Test Rig

Various electric driven test rigs with state of the art automation & measurement systems. Capable for all kinds of drivetrains (manual, dual-clutch, hybrid, edrive).

Test rigs with highly dynamic input machines for all kinds of test profiles as well as highly precise measurement equipment for efficiency measurements.

Key figures:

  • State of the art automation system
  • Vehicle and engine simulation via HIL model
  • Damage prediction systems
  • HV supply (0-900V; max. 388kW)
  • Input-Torque-Capability up to 1100Nm
  • Input-Speed-Capability up to 9800rpm
  • Output-Torque-Capability up to 6500Nm
  • Output-Speed-Capability up to 3000rpm
  • Electric gear shift systems
  • NVH Testing
  • Environmental simulation (Hot,Cold)
  • Testing of e-axles and hybrid drive system
  • Battery simulator for e-motors
  • Power meter for measuring efficiency