Overview / GFT Testing Center Cologne

Function & Component Test Rigs

Various electric & hydraulic driven test rigs with state of the art automation & measurement systems. Capable of all kinds of drivetrains (manual, dual-clutch, hybrid, e-drive).

Test rigs with high speed input machines and combined tilting/rotating capability for all kind of test profiles.

Flexible linear and rotational hydraulic actuators for specialized testing activities.

Rotational bending, hydraulic component test rigs and tensile load machines.

State of the art 3D microscope for detailed analysis and documentation.

Key figures:

  • State of the art automation & measurements system
  • HV supply (0-900V; max. 388kW)
  • Input-Speed-Capability up to 12000rpm
  • Cooling/heating chambers for temperatures between -40°C and +160°C
  • Tilting from -45° to +45°
  • Rotating from -60° to +60°
  • Linear actuation cylinders up to 63000N
  • Rotational actuation cylinders up to 8000Nm
  • Rotational bending facility
  • Material test facilities
  • Oil and cooling liquid conditioning systems
  • Tensile testing machines up to 250000N