Overview / GFT Testing Center Cologne

Synchronizer Test Rig

Various test rigs with state of the art automation & measurement systems. Capable of all kinds of drivetrains (manual, dual-clutch, hybrid).

Test rigs available for complete drivetrains as well as synchronizer components. Possibilities to run investigations at cold temperatures.

Key figures:

  • State of the art automation system
  • State of the art gear shift robot (electric)
  • Shift force range up to 500N at knob and up to 1m/s shift speed
  • Input shaft speed range up to 8000rpm
  • Output speed range up to 3000rpm (FWD) and 8000rpm (RWD)
  • Cooling/heating chambers for temperatures between -40°C and +120°C
  • Synchronizer component rigs with shift force up to 2500N and 8000rpm